Traditional Turf Fertilization

Our traditional fertilization program is what most have in mind when they want
our turf treatment services. This program is customized to fit each property based on desired results and budget constraints. We hold to the following principles in our turf management:
• IPM or Integrated Pest Management.
• Focus on Soil Health.
Soil testing is standard practice. It gives us a clear picture of
how healthy your soil is. Knowing the available organic content of your soil is the first step to designing a program for your turf.
• Use of Synthetic Fertilizers.
Synthetic fertilizers give your turf a longer period of feeding at a lower cost than natural based products. However, we often do use natural based fertilizers in this program to increase microbial activity and reduce a lawn’s dependence on synthetic fertilizers.
• Weed and Insect Management and Control
We will diagnose and correct these problems as needed. It’s important
To know that we do not use chemicals unless we are sure of the need to correct a problem, or prevent a problem that has a confirmed history.
• Careful Monitoring for Problems.
• Core Aeration and Overseeding.
This step is critical to having healthy turf. The following link provides a nice
• Compost Top-Dressing

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