Natural-Based Turf Fertilization

Our Natural based turf program contains the following elements:
Soil testing is standard practice. It gives us a clear picture of
how healthy your soil is. Knowing the available organic content of your soil is the first step to designing a program for your turf.
• Focus on Soil Health.
• Use of Organic-Based Fertilizers.
We strive to select fertilizers that feed the soil and plant. This is important to encourage microbial activity in your soil. Soils that are very poor may need to be improved through use of Bio-stimulants or compost topdressing.
• Eliminate or Minimize Use of Pesticides.
We feel the decision not to use Pesticides is a personal one that we respect. It is important to define to us the level of quality you expect from your turf. We will take the time to review available options that are both Natural-based and otherwise, to reach that level of quality.
• Careful Monitoring for Problems.
• Core Aeration and Overseeding.
This step is critical to having healthy turf. The following link provides a nice
• Compost Top-Dressing

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